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We empower purpose-driven brands to transform their website into a growth engine

Do You Want More Consistent High-Quality Leads?

Of course, you do! You know that cash flow is king, but honestly, managing your cash flow has been difficult.

You’re not making the money you want. You’re working harder than ever, but not getting ahead. You know you need to make a change with your website, but you’re confused about online marketing.

Imagine Your Website Being Your Best Employee

Imagine this – Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with 20 more bookings without having to reply to an email or answer a single phone call.

Imagine having a system that gives you a direct line of communication to your most ready to buy leads – even after they’ve left your website.

Imagine your best employee never taking a day off, never asking for a raise, and growing your business while you sleep.

Imagine having a strategic partner to turn to when you have questions, need support, or need clear next steps.

Go Beyond The Brochure
With A Website That Sells More Tours

Running a tour business in today’s digital age is hard when you only have limited resources.

The world of online marketing can be a black hole. There are so many moving parts it can easily overwhelm you if you let it.

Well, it’s all made a hell of a lot easier with the right strategic partner and tools in place to grow your business.

Here's How It Works

Research & Strategy

The first step to getting your new website up and running is to have a chat about your business. I’ll ask a bunch of questions about why your business exists, what products and services you offer, who your ideal client is, and the goals you’re trying to achieve. It’s a fun process and you’re guaranteed to learn something new!​

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Once we have a good plan in place, I’ll build a visual sitemap so we can all get on the same page very quickly about what it is we’re trying to communicate and the best way to structure your website. Here’s an example of one.


Instead of sending emails and documents back and forth via email, I’ll build an interactive prototype in the browser to show you how my solution will work.

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A well-designed website is nothing without content. If we’re developing content for you, this is the stage of the project where you will be able to review it. Once we’ve nailed down your content we’ll move on to design.


The fun really begins when we get to the design stage because you start to see all the pieces come together. But remember, having a pretty site is not the goal (but we do that too!) The goal is to convert lookers to bookers with a user-friendly design.

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Now, our development team will go underground for a couple of weeks to do their best work fueled by caffeine and techno music. Then, we’re going to test it and test it again to make sure everything works. Lastly, we’ll polish it up and launch it to the world wide web!

Continued Success

After we launch your brand new site, the journey has just begun! The most successful sites are continually monitored, tested, and improved over time to ensure you get the most return on investment. Our Website Care Plans are designed to give you peace of mind.

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Ready To Get Started?

Are you ready to start generating more leads and revenue? Great!

Book your FREE growth session so I can learn more about your business and the goals you’re trying to achieve

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But Don’t Take My Word For It...

In a time of ever-changing “marketing hacks”, Jason’s evergreen strategy prevails! It’s refreshing to see someone focus on the customer in their marketing approach instead of on the specific tactic."
James Anderson - Forged
James Anderson
Forged Axe Throwing, Whistler, B.C.
Flexibility, dependability, and creative problem solving are a few of the qualities that Jason demonstrates in his leadership. Above all, I’m impressed with Jason’s ability to bring a valuable and unique perspective given his background in digital marketing and product management. And, of course, his great sense of humor!
Clarissa Mata
Clarissa Mata
San Antonio, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

Doesn’t this mean your current site is letting you down?

Your website is so much more than an online brochure. It’s a tool that will help you attract, engage, and convert more of your ideal customers — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Because every new website we build is custom to your business goals, the timeline varies from project to project. We generally estimate between 6 to 12 weeks. After we have our first call we can provide you with project timeline.

There’s not much our highly skilled development team can’t handle. Whether you’re looking to integrate your booking software, add your email marketing software, or import your blog posts. Just let us know and we’ll figure out the best solution for you.

Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. Our Website Care Plans are built to ensure you maximize your return on investment. We’ll improve your website over time, take care of maintenance, hosting, and so much more as your business grows and evolves.

Who Are You Anyway?

Hi, I’m Jason Garcia. 👋🏽

I’m a digital marketer who specializes in empowering purpose-driven brands to transform their website into a growth engine.

With a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing and 6 years experience as a Product Marketing Manager. I’m trained to optimize for conversions, use data and research to make educated decisions, and influence user behavior through digital psychology and persuasion.

Jason Garcia - Founder, New Oceans

In other words, I’m here to make your life easier so you can get back to running your five-star business.

I love working with business owners who give a damn about their customers.

If that’s you, let’s work!

Now Is The Time

What impact is having yet another day or week of not having consistent traffic through your doors having on your business?

Don’t waste another year moving one inch in every direction.

Don’t worry, there’s no risk or obligation and it’s free to apply.

Act Now. Seriously.

Availability is limited. Since I work 1-on-1 with all my clients, I’m only available to take on a handful of new clients per month. If you are considering a new website, apply now to start the process.