Roadmap Session

Do you want to convert more leads into bookings without wasting Time and Money?

You run a five-star tourism business, and chances are you’ve invested a lot of money and time into creating a beautiful website.

After all, you need a way to attract people from all over the world to the amazing experiences you offer.

Your website focuses on providing an easy online booking process, it’s optimized for mobile, and you made sure it’s lightning-fast – but you aren’t converting as many leads into bookings as you should.

Bottom line – you need a system to generate high-quality leads, convert them into paid customers, and retain those customers over time.

Imagine working smarter, not harder

  • Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with 10-20 more bookings without having to reply to an email or answer a single phone call.
  • Imagine having a system that gives you a direct line of communication to your most ready to buy leads – even after they’ve left your website.
  • Imagine transforming your website into your best employee that never takes a day off and grows your business while you sleep.
  • Imagine having a system that handles the follow-up for all your leads that just aren’t ready to book yet (98% of your website visitors aren’t ready to book on their first visit)

But to have a highly effective system, you need to understand where your current one is losing sales…

To finally replace it with an automated lead generation system that works on your behalf 24/7/365.

You Need A Roadmap With Clear Next Steps

Look, running a tourism business in today’s digital age is hard when you only have limited resources.

The world of marketing can be a black hole. There are so many moving parts it can easily overwhelm you if you let it.

Well, it’s all made a hell of a lot easier with the right roadmap in place.

The first step to getting your new lead generation system up and running is to plan what you are offering and create a map of how the different system elements will all fit together.

Having a system map and a clear plan gives you a simple list of the objectives that need to be achieved and in place, so that you can get your new lead generation system in operation for your business.

Isn’t it time you put your confusion behind you and got clear next steps to generate more revenue and higher profits?

I’ve worked with businesses like yours, who want to benefit from a lead generation system that brings them targeted and engaged leads on an on-going basis.

Through my experience setting up lead generation systems, I’ve created a process that helps you to get your lead generation system planned and ready to be created. I call this our Roadmap Session, which is made up of four key areas.

  1. First, book your FREE 30-minute strategy session. This is not a heavy-handed sales call. It’s to provide you with fast answers to your burning questions and help you figure out if you’re ready for a Roadmap Session.
  2. If after our Strategy Session we’ve both decided that we’re a good fit for each other we’ll have an online Discovery Meeting. During this meeting we’ll be discussing your business, the products and experiences that you offer, and the major problems that you help your customers to solve.
  3. Next, we have a Planning Document, which we’ll put together after our meeting with you. This will contain the plan for your lead generation system, talking about how the system will work and the purpose of the system. We’ll be looking at requirements, goals, and more.
  4. Lastly, we will create a System Map for you. This is a full overview of your lead generation system and each of the elements that form it. You can use the System Map to see the expected path of leads through the system and also as a tool to help with creation.

As an added bonus, if you choose to work with us to build out your new lead generation system we will deduct the cost of our Roadmap from the lead generation system proposal.

Our Roadmap Session for lead generation systems is priced at $497. 

As detailed above, this fee is deductible from a future proposal, should you want us to help you build the lead generation system.

The process will typically take around two weeks to complete, from the point of the Discovery Meeting that you’ll schedule with me for a date time and time that suits you.

To get started, click the button below to book your FREE 30-minute Strategy Session. You’ll be re-directed to our booking page to select a date and time that suits you.

After you’ve booked your call, you’ll complete a short questionnaire about your business and receive an email with all the meeting details.

Roadmap Session

Complete plan and strategy for your new Lead Generation System
$ 497
  • Strategy Session
  • Discovery Meeting
  • Planning Document
  • System Map
  • Deduction on Future Work

What's Included In Our Roadmap Session?

Our Roadmap Session for Lead Generation Systems is formed of four elements:

FREE 30-Minute Strategy Session

Not sure if you’re ready for a Roadmap Session? No problem! Our first meeting together is a FREE 30-minute Strategy Session where you’ll get fast answers to your burning questions, and I’ll help you figure out if you’re ready for a Roadmap Session. All at no cost to you.

Discovery Meeting

We will have a virtual meeting with you to discuss your business and your core offer to your customers. We’ll listen to you and we’ll ask you questions to drill down into the specifics. We’ll want to understand what problems your customers have and how your products / experiences solve these problems.

Planning Document

After the Discovery Meeting, we’ll use the notes that we’ve created to put together a Planning Document. This document details your new lead generation system, focusing on requirements and goals, as well as the purpose of your new system. This should be used alongside the System Map when setting up your lead generation system.

System Map

The System Map is a top-down overview of your new lead generation system. It provides you with an ‘at a glance’ overview of how all of the elements of the system fit together. The System Map can be used in conjunction with the Planning Document as a checklist for the creation of the lead generation system.

Deduction on Future Work

When you choose our company to help build your new lead generation system, we will deduct the cost of the Roadmap Session from our proposal to you. We do this because the Roadmap Session is an important part of the project and it’s the first step towards having a great new lead generation system for your business.

Ready to get started?

If you want to convert more leads into bookings, book your FREE 30-minute strategy session now.

It won’t cost you anything, and I’ll help you figure out if you’re ready for a Roadmapping Session.

The worst thing that happens? You get professional advice about your next step to growing your business.

100% money-back guarantee!

If for any reason, you feel our work together hasn’t lived up to the promises made, I’ll happily refund 100% of your money. 

If you don’t love working together, I want you to have your money back, period.

Wait! Don't Take My Word For It...

Here’s what other folks have said:

“In a time of ever-changing “marketing hacks”, Jason’s evergreen strategy prevails! It’s refreshing to see someone focus on the customer in their marketing approach instead of on the specific tactic."
James Anderson - Forged
James Anderson
Forged Axe Throwing, Whistler, B.C.
“Flexibility, dependability, and creative problem solving are a few of the qualities that Jason demonstrates in his leadership. Above all, I’m impressed with Jason’s ability to bring a valuable and unique perspective given his background in digital marketing and product management. And, of course, his great sense of humor!”
Clarissa Mata
Clarissa Mata
San Antonio, TX

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I need a Roadmap Session?

Creating an effective lead generation system for your business starts with having a good plan. Our Strategy Session has been set up so that we can take a deep dive into your business and your products / services. From here, we can help you to plan out the best lead generation system that suits your business and your target audience.

Do I need to work with your company after?

No, you have no obligation to work with us on building your lead generation system, after the Roadmap Session. If you decide after using our Roadmap Session that you would like to work with another company, then you’re more than welcome to do this. The Planning Document and System Map will help them to understand what you need.

How can I trust you?

We have over a 6 years of experience with lead generation, web design, and marketing. Our friendly team are well versed in system mapping and creating fantastic lead generation systems for our clients.

Will you be available to answer questions?

Yes, I’m always around to answer questions or discuss anything project-related with you. We will have check-ins once a week to make sure we’re making good progress but if we need to jump on a call to hash something out, we can do that.

How involved will I need to be?

There’s little work on your end, but you will need to be involved throughout the whole process. It’s paramount you understand what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and how you can take the reins after the project finishes.

Are there other costs besides the Roadmapping Session?

No, nothing significant. I might suggest that you sign up for a software service, such as ConvertKit for your email service provider if you don’t already have one. Any suggestions made are meant to make your life easier by automating repetitive tasks.

I don’t think I need help…

Everyone needs help. Even I ask for outside help when it comes to applying these same things to my own business. It’s just too hard to see the forest through the trees.

Have another question?

No problem! Please send me an email here.

Who are you anyway?

Hi, I’m Jason Garcia. I’m a digital marketer who specializes in helping travel and tourism businesses generate leads and sales on automation.

With a Masters of Business Administration in Marketing and 6 years experience as a Product Marketing Manager. I’m trained to optimize for conversions, use data and research to make educated decisions, and influence user behavior through digital psychology and persuasion.

Jason Garcia - Founder, New Oceans

In other words, I’m here to make your life easier so you can get back to running your five-star business. 

I love working with business owners who give a damn about their customers. 

If that’s you, let’s work!

This Is For You If...

This is NOT for you if...

This is your last chance

What impact is having yet another day or week of new leads not converting as effectively as they should have on your business?

We will partner together to develop clear goals and a meaningful strategy to drive the results and conversions you need.

Book your FREE 30-minute strategy session now to get started.

My 100% Money-Back Guarantee: If for any reason, you feel our work together hasn’t lived up to the promises made, I’ll happily refund 100% of your money. If you don’t love working together, I want you to have your money back, period.

Availability is limited

Because I work 1-on-1 with all my clients, I’m only available to take on ONE new client per month.

Scheduling is first-come, first served.

The sooner you book your call, the sooner you will have an automated lead generation system that will improve your cash flow, give you time back in your day, and grow your business to new heights.

Let’s do this!